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Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach populations can be managed by controlling the availability of food, water, and hiding places. Poor sanitation that is contributing to a cockroach problem should be corrected. Food and water should not be left out over night and should be stored so as to deny access by the roaches.

Structural modifications that will deny cockroaches access to hiding places should be undertaken. In multiple unit dwellings, this should include modifications to prevent free movement of roaches between dwellings.

If it is necessary to use chemical pesticides, this should be done on a limited basis only to remove cockroaches from hiding places or to eliminate small populations. Only those materials registered for use against cockroaches, and recommended for the needs of the particular situation, should be used. Please remember that all pesticides can be harmful if misused. Follow the label directions carefully.

CockroachIf the scope of the cockroach problem is beyond the capability of individuals to control, the advice and services of professional, certified pest control specialists should be engaged.